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Group of people participating in the development of Amsterdam Declaration on Funding Research Software Sustainability (
International Research Software Funders Workshop

The September release of Amsterdam Declaration on Funding Research Software Sustainability ( has resulted in immediate action in some organisations. Some of the initial signatories of the Declaration have shared their rationale for signing up. 

Funding Research Software Sustainably by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) explains that “Signing the Amsterdam Declaration shows the ARDC’s commitment to elevating research software in Australia. We are pleased to be part of the global community leading the way towards more sustainable research software to support ground-breaking research.”

The CIT joins global initiative to support research software sustainability shares the University of Groningen’s Center for Information Technology (CIT) commitment to positioning itself as a leader in supporting the long-term viability of research software, being the first in the Netherlands in this pioneering endeavour. Professor Dr Ronald Stolk, director of the CIT and CIO of the UG, emphasises the commitment of the institution to software sustainability: “With this declaration, we are demonstrating our genuine commitment to the sustainability of research software.”

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s motivation is similar: The Alliance is pleased to have been one of the original supporters of the Research Software Alliance, and is equally pleased to be one of the initial signatories to the declaration. As a new organisation the Alliance is in the early stages of defining its Research Software mandate, so being able to build funding programs in the context of these guidelines is especially appropriate. We look forward to continuing to work with ReSA in facilitating the adoption of the Declaration to the benefit of all researchers.”