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The Amsterdam Declaration on Funding Research Software Sustainability is now open for input from funders!

Daniel S.Katz Funder sForum

The next draft of the Amsterdam Declaration on Funding Research Software Sustainability ( was shared with funders at the aligned Research Data Alliance and Research Software Funders Forum meeting on March 20, 2023.  

At this presentation of the next draft of the Declaration, Daniel S. Katz, who is the Chief Scientist at the NCSA, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA and Research Software Alliance (ReSA),  talked about the content of the Declaration, including the recommendations, and next steps. You can read the draft here and watch the presentation below.

 As detailed by Daniel S. Katz, potential signatories of the Declaration can now submit an Expression of Interest and provide feedback on this draft until April 14, 2023. Any stakeholder can also subscribe to to receive updates on the process and broader opportunities to provide feedback at a later stage. originated from the International Funders Workshop: The Future of Research Software back in November 2022. The workshop was hosted by ReSA and the Netherlands eScience Center, which aimed to set the future agenda for funders worldwide to support sustainable research software. More than 60 experts from funding organisations worldwide contributed to the Declaration. aims to raise awareness of the role of funding practice in the sustainability of research software, and to improve that practice. As the importance of research software in research has become increasingly apparent, so has the need to sustain it. This Declaration aims to address the varied challenges in software productivity, quality, reproducibility, and sustainability, including improving and extending funding policies and instruments.  

Want to get involved? If you are a funding organization that wants to or already works with research software, find out what you can do here!  

Don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on the process and to be able to provide feedback at a later stage.